We believe that technology can be a game-changer for every business. We build technologies to help you connect, inspire, grow and thrive. Mediaan is fast, transparent and effective: all it takes is your business and our passion.


Mediaan was founded in Heerlen in the south of Limburg, the Netherlands, in 1969. Mediaan has been operating as an independent, international ICT company since 1984. Since then Mediaan’s established itself as a partner for international clients in six European countries and the US. Our headquarters are located in Heerlen (the Netherlands). Our international expansion began in 2006 with the opening of our first subsidiary abroad in Düsseldorf, Germany. We currently have subsidiaries in Munich (Germany), Hasselt (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

Fixed price in a fixed time frame

Can high-quality software be developed in an agile environment for a fixed price in a fixed time frame? Yes we can! Software size can be measured objectively using function points.

It’s really quite simple: we estimate the size of your solution from the get-go. We can even plan the size of the product during the development process from MVP to completion. At this point you’ll receive your first overview of the development price. We offer fixed prices per function point based on the non-functional requirements with a fixed time frame per function point—in guaranteed quality. Upon completion we measure the size of the solution. The costs for software development has never been more transparent.

It’s just like calculating the price of a new hardwood floor: all you have to know is the total surface area and the price of the wood you want to use.


Mediaan is led by a team of four directors. All directors have been working closely with Mediaan and its clients for many years. Read the interview to get to know them

Elmer Nelis – Managing Director The Netherlands
Marco Peters – Managing Director Belgium
Joachim Depper – CEO
Marcus Vengels – Managing Director Germany


Recruiting the best and brightest young talent today is key to success in business tomorrow. We work closely with the following universities and colleges: Maastricht University (NL), Zuyd Hogeschool (NL), Fontys (NL), RWTH Aachen und PXL Hasselt (BE). Nearly all of our young talents were recruited in the second or third year at university—we work closely with our partner schools to ensure we encourage the best in class to grow, thrive and flourish early on. And our investment in education doesn’t stop there: because Mediaan believes in career-long learning, we are constantly investing in our team’s personal and professional development.


Mediaan has been named TOP-ICT Employer by the CRF Institute four years in a row. Mediaan is both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.