In recent years, computer vision frameworks have come a long way. The technology has advanced far enough to create compelling new products for markets that have not yet leveraged these software capabilities. This project is about using cutting edge technology to develop a generic platform for machine vision that can have many different use cases.

Summer job

Educational background
IT related Bachelor or Master


40 hours

Hasselt and/or combined with Heerlen

During summer holiday

Real-life examples

Instead of humans observing the behaviour of groups of people or animals, a technological solution using camera’s and machine vision algorithms can perform this non-stop job faster, more efficiently, and with less error. The software can give signalling notifications for humans to take decisions and measures. For example, helping animals in a farm that start behaving different than usual, or recognizing their health and emotions at any point in time.

How does it work?

When developing computer vision solutions, a repeatable set of development works must be done for each new project. Firstly, video files or input streams must be structured and labelled. Secondly, machine learning models need to be trained and verified. In addition to that, multiple classification engines will be integrated into signalling functionalities and real-time visualizations. This will enrich the video content that is ultimately available in a user-friendly web front-end. For each of these components, you will develop reusable frameworks that will be integrated into this end-to-end platform solution for one of the use cases as a proof-of-concept.

Research topic

Depending on your skills and interests, this summer job covers different aspects that you can focus on. For example, as a Software Developer, you can focus more on developing the (web) front-ends while we provide you with examples of pre-trained models. You are free to experiment with labelling and training a new machine learning model. Besides developing a web application, you can also work with Azure cloud components and research on how to scale and deploy machine learning components in order to train these models quicker. As a Data Scientist, you can focus on training, evaluating and improving the models for specific use cases, thus putting more emphasis on research aspects of the solution.

Technology stack

C#, .NET, Azure, SQL, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, PaaS and IaaS cloud, and frontends frameworks and languages including HTML5, CSS,  Angular/React/Vue etc.

Who are we looking for?

  • You study Computer Science / IT / Data Science (or related) at an Applied or Academic Bachelor or Master level
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Communicative: both with colleagues and customers
  • No 9 to 5 mentality
  • You have an interest in artificial intelligence and computer vision
  • You are interested in exploring new fields of technology that have little to no existing documentation
  • You are keen to work in various fields depending on the task at hand
Challenging projects

Freedom & flexibility

International clients

Awesome colleagues


Personal development

New technologies

Knowledge & expertise

Want to apply?

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