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Experience Women In Tech

Images speak louder than words. Exactly my thoughts. Being a speaker at the Women in Tech in Amsterdam, I will take you on a ‘vlog ride’ (see Youtube video above). Still eager to read? Below, I have written down my experience as a speaker at the Women in Tech Scotland.

On the 10th of October 2018, the latest conference in the WinTechSeries by Maddox Events took place in Glasgow, Scotland. After having visited the European edition of the event last summer in Amsterdam, I was beyond excited to join this gathering again – this time as a speaker!

European women in tech

European women in tech had been one of the most fun and inspiring events I had gone to and I was also lucky enough that it was also one of my first ever conferences – setting the bar quite high from the start. With that in mind, WIT Scotland not only didn’t disappoint, but it was a uniquely special experience that I would warmly recommend to anyone. Keeping the same structure of the WinTechSeries, the one-day conference was split into different tracks of simultaneous speeches and workshops design to cater for women (and men!) of different backgrounds and with different interests. From immersive workshops in “Emerging Tech” or “Business Strategies” to practical advice in “Career Guidance & Personal Development”, to perspectives on the field in the “Shaping the Future” track that I closed with my own presentation!

These sorts of conferences are by far my favourites

All around I will say with no hesitations that these sorts of conferences are by far my favourites. The community is warm and welcoming, and the main purpose of the events is to bring women together through networking and sharing stories anyone can identify with and learn from.

Among my favourite talks were the “Tales from Outside the Comfort Zone” by the lovely Lynsey Campbell and Gillian McLennan from J.P. Morgan that gave some practical advice on identifying and taking advantage of your most proficient “tools”; or Rebecca Moore’s amazing life story about the unsolvable and ever eluding work-life balance equation.

How to speak Avocado Toast

My talk was called “How to speak Avocado Toast”. Through an unofficial and subjective introduction to “millennials”, I was tasked with clearing some air about #fakenews that has been coming out about us “killing” certain industries; explaining how I see the changes in what the young workforce is looking for in a job; and how to “find yourself some millennials and keep them happy”.

Full house

It turned out to be a full house after I spent the day hearing whispers about “what the avocado lady will talk about”. And with 13 minutes of open questions it was lovely to see that people were indeed interested in listening to and understanding our perspective, and already trying to brainstorm ways to make workplaces and cooperation more inclusive.

Till next time!

Looking forward to doing it all over again for the European in Tech conference next month – when I will give a presentation about “being tech enough” and some self-doubts and issues I’ve been seeing in the industry.

Till next time!