Exploring historical Cologne in a tech way

Exploring historical Cologne in a tech way

What else would one expect from a tech company? Our German & Dutch team enjoyed a day trip to explore historical Cologne, using virtual reality goggles.

After a very warm welcome, the tour began with a short talk from the Time ride Tour Guide, while getting a  glance at some 3D photographs illustrating the past and the present.

Finally, the Medianers were allowed to enter the old train waggon and had to put on the VR Goggles. How awesome, right? They could check out every direction, which provided interesting sights.

For a full Cologne experience, a visit to an original Brauhaus is a must. So after a short walk, the team arrived at the “Brauhaus an der Malzmühle”. After provided a nice seat, they enjoyed the evening with drinks, food and nice talks.

Thanks to all Medianers for joining and making this a very enjoyable evening!