If you win the IT Masterclass, you will visit an all-expense paid European Tech conference of your own choice!


You get to meet students from different universities and learn together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment


You will receive a certificate for participating in the IT Masterclas and perhaps even an award for winning the challenge!



Want to advance your skills, and meet like-minded people who share your passion for technology? Join the next IT Masterclass! We challenge ambitious HBO/WO IT students (in their 2nd year or higher) who distinguish themselves through their knowledge, ambition and initiative. A brand new series of 3 classes will start in Winter 2019. Our experts in App Development, Artificial Intelligence and Security are excited to share their tips and tricks with you. Since we receive a lot of applications, we go through a selection procedure for choosing the next generation of participants. So kickstart your future and join the IT Masterclass now!


Mediaan Office Heerlen & Mediaan Office Hasselt


Winter 2019 (exact dates to be confirmed). Time: 17:00 - 20:30 hour


When you travel by train, we pick you up at Heerlen Station by car


We will provide snacks, drinks and dinner

The IT masterclass topics


Learn what’s important and what to keep in mind while developing an app. After this masterclass, you will know the basics of Android development and you can create your own awesome app.

Mobile App development


Learn what techniques and tools malicious hackers use nowadays to attack companies and users. If you dare, you even have the opportunity to hack for yourself and to break the system of Mediaan.

Security & Hacking


Get to know the concepts of machine learning, AI and data science, and how these techniques can be used to solve a broad range of problems. AzureML, an online machine learning tool, will be used to demonstrate a practical analysis of a data set.

Artificial Intelligence

What others say

Jochem Sybesma (Zuyd Hogeschool)

“Up front, I did not know what to expect. The whole experience surprised me in a very positive way. The lectures were very interesting, the people acted very nice and – also important – the food tasted great.”

Ana Victoria Ladeira (Maastricht University)

“I would definitely recommend to join the IT Masterclass! I decided to sign up to gain experience, to discover how things work in a real business environment, and to give my resume a boost.”

Ruud Faassen (Fontys)

“At school, you only get the theoretical background. It is very cool to understand how companies operate according to the agile scrum framework in their project management.”

IT Masterclass

Marijke Sporen (Lector PXL Hasselt)

“Motivated students from different Institutions (or Universities) together with IT-specialists from Mediaan working on hype topics in a relaxed atmosphere. Nice to see…”

Berkan Aktag (PXL Hasselt)

“Especially the interactive part of the IT Masterclass is very educational. In a group of 5 to 6 students, you collaborate together on an assignment. There is a great atmosphere between the participating students, which makes the cooperation very smooth.”

Nordine Aouni (Maastricht University)

“I did  not particularly sign up to win the price, but how awesome would this experience be? After attending the Visual Studio Live! Conference at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, I would stay a little longer and also celebrate my holiday in the US. “

Oscar de Leeuw (Fontys)

“I knew Mediaan already because of a collaboration project on Fontys. When I first heard of the IT Masterclass, I was immediately excited. The IT Masterclass has absolutely not been disappointed. On the contrary, it was awesome!”

Cédric Sterckx (PXL Hasselt)

“If I had to make a choice, the security and artificial intelligence classes are my most favorite ones. But in general, Mediaan is such a nice company with all sorts of interesting expertise. After graduation, I would definitely see myself working here.”

Apply now for 2019

Got pretty excited? Apply for our IT Masterclass 2019. There is a limited number of seats available, so let us know why you are motivated to participate in the IT Masterclass. Make your motivation short, but powerful (max. 1 A4).

Questions about the IT Masterclass can be sent to or asked by phone +31(0)45 57 183 55 (Daniëlle Janssen).