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Launch Laser Tag App

Turning the Zebra TC8000 scanner into a laser tag game. Sounds pretty awesome right? It sure is! Today, we launched the Laser Tag app in the Zebra AppGallery. Utilize the built-in scanner to shoot opponents using QR codes, experience sound and vibration effects, and hot-swap the battery for reloading. The whole laser tag game experience is covered!

How did all of this happen in the first place? Well, it all started at the Droidcon 2016 Hackathon in London. All it took was two days of programming, clever thinking, a world-class development team and a LOT of pizza. All the hard work paid off: our team won the head prize with their Laser Tag app at the Hackathon.

Once we returned to the office, we got eager to take things to the next level. We set ourselves the ultimate goal: an actual release of the Laser Tag App in the Zebra AppGallery.

And so we did!