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Anyone who has been through the process will agree that finding and purchasing the best car insurance is no easy task in the US. Goatcha is the new kid on the block that aims to shake things up in the industry. Mediaan has been Goatcha’s technology partner right from the start.

The Goatcha Concept

Getting a car insurance quote used to be a time-consuming process. After all, the customer had to provide a great deal of information to get one. Even then, there was no guarantee that consumers had found the best-available quote during their search or that the policy they had selected would be available immediately.

Goatcha aims to empower consumers to buy the policy that best suits their needs by dramatically simplifying the process of finding, comparing and purchasing car insurance policies. You’ll be on the road in just two minutes. Buy, sign and pay online without all the time-consuming paperwork—you don’t even have to pick up the phone. Mediaan has been a part of the Goatcha project right from the beginning. Here’s how we helped:

Branding and Design

We designed Goatcha to wow customers from start to finish. The intent was to make the Goatcha experience so streamlined and intuitive that buying an insurance policy is not just faster and easier than ever before: ideally, using Goatcha is even a bit fun. We designed Goatcha so that users always have the feeling that the process is simple and easy, for example by providing the user with direct feedback about the coverage choices they make. Working closely with the team at Goatcha, our specialists designed the name, logo, customer journey, wireframes and visuals.

Pricing with the power of data science

One of the core ideas behind the project was to calculate quotes for car insurance policies using as little information as possible. Our analysts managed to reduce the number of questions by 40%, eliminating questions that had little or no impact on the final quote. At the same time, as much data as possible was gathered through data services. That makes generating quotes in a pricing engine possible that uses flexible and dynamic rates and rules throughout the system, without the hassle of additional development or deployment.


The software developed by Mediaan uses a Microsoft technology stack that leverages the latest technologies and opportunities enabled by the Microsoft Azure cloud. This makes hosting and administering data for specific regions, such as the thinly-populated Midwest, possible. The Azure platform allows for automated process scale-ups and scale-outs based on the actual load on the application.

The backend and back-office applications were developed using Microsoft .NET, Entity Framework and Web API frameworks, which integrate seamlessly into the Angular-JS frontend applications. The design is partially the result of a scalable micro-service architecture approach to designing components where performance matters most, like the custom-made data-driven business rule engine. This approach enables configuration changes where development and deployment outlays would otherwise be necessary, meaning Goatcha is always up-to-date on the latest changes and regulations.

The responsive design optimizes the layout in different resolutions across all devices, from mobile devices like phones and tablets to desktop computers, giving Goatcha the flexibility it needs to serve its diverse customer base.



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