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Aevitae is a leading authorized insurer in the Netherlands specializing in health, employee benefit and personal benefit insurance. Aevitae insures nearly 300,000 people. As an intermediary, the company offers its clients a broad range of insurance policies through a variety of digital channels. Mediaan has had a hand in Aevitae’s success since its founding in 2001.

Who wants to spend their precious free time filing insurance claims and looking up benefits and coverage levels? It’s no secret that these are tasks people want to knock out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible. Aevitae empowers its policy holders to take care of these tasks when and wherever they like. At the same time Aevitae wants to be able to respond to the latest developments in the industry while providing policy holders with the best available product combinations, sometimes under its own label. Combining flexibility with an excellent customer experience put the limits of IT to the test. Mediaan designed and implemented digital services for Aevitae that make purchasing and managing insurance policies fast and simple for consumers. Here’s how we did it:

  • The self-service portal allows policy holders to manage all their policies as well as view coverage and benefits information quickly and easily. After logging in, a customized dashboard provides an intuitive overview for the user. The portal is a convenient way for policy holders to manage all insurance policies on their own.
  • An app features almost all the same functions as the portal with an added bonus: policy holders can actually file a claim just by uploading a photo of a medical bill. It’s as simple as that!
  • An automated process in the background collects and validates claims, meaning almost all claims are handled automatically, enabling short turnaround times and reducing overall costs at the same time.
  • A back office function provides policy holders with a convenient means of changing and renewing policies as well as setting up new combinations of products and labels. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, Aevitae is able to offer its customers the best combination of insurance policies and services.

Aevitae (Heerlen, NL)

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