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The market researchers at IDC estimate that in 2020 around 30 million “things“ worldwide—from machines and cars to washing machines and fridges—will be connected to the internet. At least six devices per inhabitant in Western Europe are believed to be connected as of 2017. These impressive figures reveal the enormous potential of the Internet of Things. Digitalization isn’t just a buzzword: in all spheres of personal and professional life, it has become our lived reality.

Mediaan has been working in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years now. Our program managers and engineers were hard at work laying the groundwork for the rapid growth of mobile communications as early as the 1990s. Today we help telecommunications providers make them most of new opportunities in a world where everything is connected.

One of the world’s leading telecommunications providers based in Germany is already preparing for the rapid growth that is forecast in the Internet of

Everything. Even now, the company is introducing a new platform for connected devices. Mediaan was asked to plan and execute the migration of one million SIM cards from an existing system to the new, state-of-the-art platform. A project of this nature requires surgical precision and a high level of accountability and control without sacrificing any uptime whatsoever.

“Just imagine the complexity of migrating millions of SIM cards. At the same time, ongoing business operations can’t be interrupted. A loss of uptime is out of the question.”

A dedicated team of data migration experts pulled the thing off without a hitch:  the migration was executed flawlessly without sacrificing uptime:

  • Mapping data definitions for both systems
  • Securing and clearing historic data
  • Developing conversion and validation rules
  • Setting up and testing production infrastructure
  • Cyclical testing and validation of the migration
  • Executing the migration in production
  • Delivering all reports and evidence for accounting purposes

For over 10 years now, Mediaan has been handling data migration projects for telecommunications providers, logistics and insurance companies as well as the public sector. We’ve developed our own method and toolkit based on our best practices and years of experience. We execute data migrations of the highest quality on time for a fixed price.


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