Facial recognition

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Imagine entering a room and promptly receiving exactly those services you need based on your personal profile. That’s the future of facial recognition: literally reading your lips when it comes to your wants and needs. Mediaan has developed a facial recognition software prototype using Microsoft Cognitive Services. The software recognizes a person in less than a second and retrieves other data to generate a personalized dashboard that features information tailored to the interests to the individual in question. Our solution is able to recognize people and offer personalized information based on their schedule and appointments. All technological possibilities aside, of course there are privacy concerns that have to be taken into account when implementing solutions of this nature. Privacy laws mandate that personal data be stored and handled properly and, above all, securely. Our data protection consultant guides companies through the process of ensuring all data privacy and security concerns are fully addressed. Facial recognition technology is a valuable new resource not just in the security sector, but in retail and industry as well. Are you interested in knowing more about what this technology can do for you? Our experts are here to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice, also with regard to privacy laws.

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