Images, sound bites, videos, PDF documents, or even sensor data are all types of data with which machine learning has learned to work. However, it is still difficult to consistently produce large enough amounts of high-quality training data because the annotation process is time-consuming, expensive, or might require domain expertise. It is why Mediaan is currently building its own annotation tool to help its clients to go to production faster.

Summer job

Educational background
IT related Bachelor or Master


40 hours


During summer holiday

Summer job description

Without training data, machine learning models are empty shells.  Your task is to find the best solution on how to improve the annotation tool by looking at open-source solutions and conducting research. You will be expected to provide demos to show how it works in practice.

Research topic

Besides researching what is possible, we would love to see how they work in practice through small demos. In the end, you will be expected to provide demos of some of the following use cases:

  • Open-source annotation tools
  • Weak supervision and data programming tools (Snorkel, Tanda)
  • Annotation of varied types of data (PDF documents, images, sound bites)
  • Annotation management to ensure quality

Technology stack

You will be acquainted with Python/R, Docker, REST APIs and Azure Cloud.

Who are we looking for?

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Communicative: both with colleagues and customers
  • Team player
  • An enthusiastic and motivated attitude
  • No 9 to 5 mentality
Challenging projects

Freedom & flexibility

International clients

Awesome colleagues


Personal development

New technologies

Knowledge & expertise

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